Wordguise Alembic Volume One by Kenn Amdahl

About 60 of Kenn Amdahl’s ancient blogs assembled into a little E-book available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a pittance. This “book” is mostly provided as a public service for that despondent portion of the population that has never heard of Kenn Amdahl but who might squander a buck correcting that. People have done weirder things.


Amazingly, if printed, this would be a tome of 166 pages. Clearly, I have too much free time on my hands.

Should you feel a desperate need to have access to all my immortal musings no matter where you’re camping or what sort of public transportation you happen to be riding, this is clearly an investment from which you should not steer. Or, if you know someone who is astonishingly and heartbreakingly unexposed to All Things Kenn, you might suggest it for them.

I have no expectations of abundant sales. After all, anyone who wanted to read my blog can always just do so for free. The non Kenn-reading public remains stubbornly myopic in that regard; I’ve decided this must be a genetic flaw rather than mere lack of exposure. It’s so easy to find my books that the “failure to purchase” reflex must have roots in the basement of a person’s deepest (and least admirable) subconscious. I dare not venture where science fears to poke around.

Mostly for me, it’s an experiment in navigating this relatively new world of electronic publishing and electronic marketing. The logic is this: many of us discover writers by buying their books at garage sales, or by checking them out of a library. Maybe we see the author on Oprah, or a friend recommends them. We might read a few pages for free on Amazon.com.  We usually discover writers via  low-investment strategies. I seldom pay retail for an author I’ve never read, and wouldn’t expect others to either.  I have cunningly included excerpts from all my books in this little book; therefore, buying the collected blogs is like buying a sampler of my writing.

Maybe someone in an airport will panic as they realize that their Kindle  only contains a thousand books, none of which seem quite right for their impending flight. They will decide to download a short book of high quality writing, but will get mine by mistake. Maybe one of those people will actually like something I’ve written and decide to buy one of my books.

I don’t see any hidden flaws in that marketing strategy.

 The Wordguise Alembic on Amazon, as a Kindle download

The Wordguise Alembic on Barnes and Noble for your Nook.

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