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Is the pandemic over yet?

This is a little website for Kenn Amdahl’s publishing company, featuring his books as well as the very few titles the company published for other people. It no longer even tries to publish other people.

I haven’t updated this site for a while, sorry about that. In December of 2020 I moved it to a server with a bit more storage space, and have started to update things that are old. For example, I no longer have a fax number. That’s one good thing that the pandemic did– it forced me to spend time on chores I’ve neglected for a long time.

The only real news is that I’ve also stopped using traditional printers (and printing thousands of copies at a time) and now use the more modern “print on demand” model. This gets me out of the storage, shipping, and invoicing business. As a side benefit, the POD company I used sells directly to Amazon and to Ingram (the largest book wholesaler), so your favorite bookstore or online store can get my titles as easily as ever. Probably MORE easily.

I tried to time the transition to match that moment when I was out of stock of each of my books. I came close, but not quite. I still have dozens of copies of both Joy Writing and The Land of Debris. They’re  available online and in book stores, but if you have trouble buying those, or want a signed copy, I am your guy. If you represent a writing program and would like a deal on a pile of Joy Writing books, let’s talk.

In other news, I finished another novel, tentatively called “Echoes of a Distant Bell.” Then I rewrote it. Then I rewrote it again this year, changing it from first person to third. It’s better, but still not there. That’s the fifth novel I’ve completed but not published. I’m a tough room to play:  I’ve rejected more of  my own novels than I’ve published.

I’ve also spent time during the pandemic creating a different site for my music. I picked the imaginatively named “KennAmdahl dot com” It’s still a work in progress, with a lot of music still to upload, and links to fix etc. but feel free to take a peek if you’re really bored.

Thanks for visiting this site.

Kenn Amdahl