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Video of Kenn

On August 5, 2017 Kenn Amdahl played a little concert at The Atrium in Eugene Oregon. The concert (it was about an hour long) is now posted on YouTube. The sound isn’t perfect– the video camera picked up the guitar louder than the voice– but for old fans it might be fun to see that the cranky old folksinger is still at it.

Our titles on Amazon

The folks who hacked our site deleted links to our books on Amazon. So here are most of them, all in one place. (Each book also has its own page on our website, links are above, or to one side, depending on your browser):

Algebra Unplugged by Kenn Amdahl and Jim Loats, Ph.D

Calculus for Cats by Kenn Amdahl and Jim Loats, Ph. D

Joy Writing: Discover and Develop Your Creative Voice by Kenn Amdahl

Jumper and the Bones by Kenn Amdahl

Jumper and the Apple Crate by Kenn Amdahl

Stones in the Water, poetry of Kenn Amdahl

There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings by Kenn Amdahl

Revenge of the Pond Scum: Searching for the Causes of ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease by Kenn Amdahl