Economics for the Impatient

by C.A. Turner

C.A. Turner

ISBN 0-9627815-1-7

176 pages, trade paper, first printing 2002


NOTE:  Times have changed; so have economics and the publishing industry. It was time to update this title, and the author decided she was ready to take on the challenge of updating the text and releasing the new version into the world herself. The new book is  A Friendly Introduction to Economics  now available as a Kindle book. We remain friends and wish her great success.

Economics (the study of how money moves around in society) is called “the dismal science” for a good reason. But this book is quick, light, funny and insightful. It explains the historical theories, who came up with them, how they evolved, and why people continue to argue about them.

Blurbs and Reviews:

Governor Jerry Brown

“A well-written and breezy tour of the often arcane world of economics; an enjoyable primer to the ‘dismal science.’” Jerry Brown, former Governor of California, former mayor of Oakland, California, and now Governor of California once again.

Midwest Book Review:

Economics For The Impatient is a no-nonsense guide that condenses basic economics into simple, easy-to-understand terms that anyone can understand. In Turner’s mind, capitalism is a kind of “ordered anarchy”. Individual chapters address the various virtues and flaws of capitalism, including the free market and its problems, taxing/spending/borrowing (a.k.a. fiscal policy), governmental tinkering in the economy, and much more. Economics For The Impatient is enthusiastically recommended as a superbly written book which is highly accessible for young people just beginning to learn and move past the value of a dollar, as well as ideal for middle-aged folks struggling to remember one word of what their economics teacher said back in high school, plus anyone else in need of a quick and readily absorbed economic primer. — Midwest Book Review

Robert Girling, Ph.D

““Covers a lot of territory in a language that is accessible” )

Robert Girling, professor of Economics, Sonoma State University


Ruth Fogg, PhD

Boulder, Colorado
Using humor and an easy-to-read style, C. A. Turner masterfully introduces us to the concepts behind the current economic scene in America.

(Amazon reader review)