In 2019 we got modern and switched from printing thousands of copies at a time and now do all of our books via print on demand. Our books are available from Ingram, Amazon, and CreateSpace.  The exception is The Land of Debris. We still have a few of the original printing on kenaf paper, but sales are too modest to warrant a POD version.

The following is mostly of historical interest, but if your school, library or book store uses one of these distributors exclusively, and you’d like one of our titles, we can probably arrange to get it to you through them

Previous distribution info

We’re happy to distribute directly to book stores, schools, colleges, libraries and individuals. We accept purchase orders from established customers emailed to us. Our standard discount rate is 20 percent for orders of 1 to 5 books, 30 percent for quantities 6 to ten, and 40 percent for orders of eleven or more books. The buyer pays shipping. You may mix titles. Unless we have made a specific arrangement with you to the contrary, we accept returns for credit only, we do not pay cash for returns. If we have not set up terms with you, please enclose a check with your order. We don’t accept credit cards, but we do accept Paypal. Contact us for details. We typically ship all orders within 24 hours.


Ingram is the largest book wholesaler in North America. Most bookstores have an account with Ingram. Therefore, if you want one of our titles, and your favorite store doesn’t carry it, they can probably get it within two days from Ingram.


In the 1950’s Brodart Co. expanded into book distribution. The Company now offers libraries and schools books from over 20,000 publishers, and stocks its warehouse with over 225,000 titles and 2,000,000 books.

Follett Library Resources

A division of Follett, a 130 year old company Follett Library Resources is the largest supplier of books, eBooks, and audiovisual materials to K-12 schools.


National Association of College Stores, service to over 3,300 college stores, campus resellers, over a million titles. We’ve worked with them in the past when colleges require an intermediary.


Over 60,000 products for Education, Health Training and Education, Farm Supplies/Agriculture and laboratory sampling.


They rebind books from publishers like Clearwater into cool hardcover books for classrooms and libraries. Right now they have hardcover versions of Algebra Unplugged in stock and perhaps There Are No Electrons. If a library requests enough of our books, they will do the same thing for any of our titles.


Beyond being a big publisher (they did the Harry Potter books), Scholastic sometimes acts as a distributor. When some schools needed one of our titles, they found it easiest to go through Scholastic, which bought the books from us. The schools already had a relationship with them. Scholastic also conducts book fairs all over the country. They have included our books in these fairs from time to time.

Barnes and Noble

We’ve been selling direct to Barnes and Noble for years via their EDI system and have a great relationship with them. Therefore, if you need a larger quantity of our books for your classroom, it’s easy for them to just include it in one of their regular orders to us. If you’ve got a Barnes and Noble near your school, you might contact them to see if this makes sense for you. Now that Barnes and Noble College division is a under the main corporate umbrella, this may also make sense for some college stores operated by them.