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Amdahl honored by another fictional university

After our report that fictional Hudson College (which has been mentioned in many TV shows and movies) has been using Joy Writing by Kenn Amdahl, a smart-aleck friend created yet another fictional college, Whidbey College in Washington State,  (home of “The Mighty Oaks” football team) then named its library the Amdahl Recreational Library. In this new age of alternative facts, we are proud to be honored by imaginary colleges. Because the Truth may be out there, but it’s probably wearing a disguise. You may need to sign on to your own Facebook account to see the page.


Construction Industry Training Council of Colorado

For the last couple of years, the The Construction Industry Training Council of Colorado has been using our book There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings  by Kenn Amdahl in its program to train prospective electricians.

Begun in 1986, this organization is a cool collaboration of various training organizations related to the construction industry. CITC is sponsored by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Associated General Contractors (AGC), Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute (RMMI), and the Sheet Metal Contractors Coalition (SMCC). They not only teach classes, they coordinate apprentice programs. I’ve gotten to meet their Executive Director, Cori Gerlitz a couple of times. I’ve enjoyed working with them, I thank them, and hope we can continue working with together in 2017 and beyond.

University of California uses one of our books

For the last several years, the University of California at Santa Cruz (“Go Banana Slugs!!”) has used our book “There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings” by Kenn Amdahl in its EE course “Modern Electronic Technology and How it Works.” It’s a spring course and every December their order comes as a very pleasant surprise. Wonderful people to deal with. Just wanted to thank the college, and slugs everywhere. The book is available from their Bay Tree Bookstore.

Joy Writing used in graduate program at fictional university

A while back, we got a nice order for many copies of Joy Writing (by Kenn Amdahl) from one of our distributors. The distributor said it was to be used in a summer session of a graduate program in Creative Writing. Now that our website is working again, I was going to publicly thank the college. I looked it up so I could provide a link. The distributor said the order came from Hudson University in New York. That’s cool, yes, except that Hudson University is mostly known for being fictional. There is no such place. Why would someone order a bunch of books (and pay for them!) but want to remain anonymous?? Whoever you are, thank you. And if you’re secretly Harvard or Yale, hey, please don’t feel embarrassed that you needed a little help with your Creative Writing Department. We’re happy to help.

Website operational again, we think.

We’ve been pretty quiet for a long time. Mostly busy, but also our website would not listen to our commands. We’d like to thank Paul Middleton of 9 Planets Design in Eugene Oregon for fixing things and not making us feel like total idiots. Very reasonable, very fast. Now we just need to update content. If you need help with a WordPress site, you might consider Paul and the rest of his team. Nine Planets LLC