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Political Plagiarism

Rand Paul is upset that people caught him using lines from Wikipedia and elsewhere as if they were his own. He feels like a victim and wishes he could just duel someone to settle it all. Or spend a couple days in detention after school, but certainly not his whole career. His words, I hasten to admit. Personally, I think most of what he did was harmless and we should cut him some slack. Continue reading →

Writing Characters and Candidates

To the casual observer, I was staring out the window. But, for writers, there’s a fine line between “loafing” and “research.” I was actually working very hard pondering how to improve some characters I created decades ago. That led me to think about how characters in a book or play are different from humans we meet in life, or from ourselves for that matter. Which led me briefly into politics, of course. Obviously, writing a blog about such a daydream is much easier than rewriting a novel, so here you go. Continue reading →

Three-card Romney

Mitt’s 47 percent blurtage reveals a huge and embarrassing problem. No, it’s not that he lacks empathy for voters whose cars must trudge up the stairs if they want to sleep in the upper garage. That’s old news. It’s not that he feels disdain for those of us whose greed failed to blossom the way it should have. I feel some disdain for myself too.

It’s that he might be a little dumb. Continue reading →


After watching several Sunday morning political discussions on TV, I had a weird little insight. Both right wing and left wing commentators accused their opponents of being elitists. At first that felt odd, because being elite seems admirable in most arenas. It means ranking near the top of a field. No one mocks someone for being an elite athlete. Being “elite” is a good thing. Being “elitist” is bad. Continue reading →

Debt Ceiling Solution

The Republicans have given Obama a clue as to how they’d be willing to compromise on the debt ceiling without calling it a compromise (because compromise is apparently a sin). They now proclaim they won’t agree to any deal that raises taxes “on job creators.”  This is new language for them, it rests on a simple premise and  it suggests the solution.

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Important News Summary

It’s been a busy week for news around the globe. Let me save you some time by summarizing the important stories:

Donald Trump, potential presidential candidate, was angered by Gail Collins’ column about him because she isn’t as good a writer as him. According to The Donald: “Her storytelling ability and word usage (coming from me, who has written many bestsellers), is not at a very high level,”’

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Reviewing the Audacity of Hope

this is what I wrote several years ago:

Barack Obama

The Audacity of Hope

You can’t read a book by a guy who might run for President without sizing him up in that context. And, in fairness, if you’re a guy who might run for President, you can’t write without remembering how critical people are. You can’t be careless with language, or throw in wisecracks that might offend someone somewhere. Therefore, don’t read this book expecting Dave Barry or Dan Brown. On the other hand, you gotta admire a guy who tells you what he believes and why before he even declares for the race. In that context, this is a book everyone should read. In that context, it was an excellent book. Continue reading →