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Writing Characters and Candidates

To the casual observer, I was staring out the window. But, for writers, there’s a fine line between “loafing” and “research.” I was actually working very hard pondering how to improve some characters I created decades ago. That led me to think about how characters in a book or play are different from humans we meet in life, or from ourselves for that matter. Which led me briefly into politics, of course. Obviously, writing a blog about such a daydream is much easier than rewriting a novel, so here you go. Continue reading →

A Rewriting Tip

When I finished writing The Land of Debris and the Home of Alfredo, the world reacted with stunned indifference. No surge of cash flowed into my checking account, my phone did not ring with offers from TV show producers, no agents fought their way into my living room waving movie rights contracts in my face. The only evidence of the manuscript’s existence was a small but annoying pile of rejection letters in my desk drawer.

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Write, Re-write, Fact check, THEN edit

When you write a nonfiction book containing many facts and descriptions of other people’s theories along with your own experiences, you just about have to tackle the project in phases. You write it, then you rewrite it, you check your facts, you rewrite again, then you edit. After all that, you send it to “final readers” who mock your use of passive verbs and goofy sentence constructions. Based on that, you rewrite again. Then you get someone else to edit it for grammar and typos that you miss because you’ve been staring at the same words for so many months. After that, you start sending copies to people for blurbs and reviews.

The book I’m working on now, Revenge of the Pond Scum, is such a book. Continue reading →

Kenn on the radio

I’ll be interviewed this Saturday on “The Career Clinic” radio program from noon to one, talking about writing and self publishing as a career. The show airs on 45 stations around the country, including three in Colorado– 1580 AM in Colorado Springs; 1060AM in Longmont/Denver; and 610/AM in Vail
They have a list of stations on their website.
It’s also podcast at
The host is Maureen Anderson, author of the book “The Career Clinic.” In the book,  she devoted nearly as much space to my story as she gave Dave Barry. Clearly an enlightened woman.

Notes from the mobile garret

Late May frogs sing with amorous enthusiasm not too far across the park. Red wing blackbirds whistle near the pond; the meadowlark must be in the half-grown ash tree outside my window. The roar of traffic on the highway a half mile away isn’t unpleasant at this distance; just a quiet chorus humming in the background, augmented this particular instant by the louder and deeper bass of an airplane lumbering toward the clouds. It’s warm enough, finally, not to need a jacket. Continue reading →