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Goats and Pigs, Iodine and Thiamine: a Hypothesis

It’s easy to decide that iodine deficiency plays some role in neurological diseases like ALS and Alzheimers. For over fifty years we’ve known that you’re much likelier to get one of these diseases if you spent your infancy in a region that’s deficient in iodine. Another example: exposure to the fungicide maneb dramatically increases the chances of getting a neurological disease from a toxin; maneb works by disrupting the use of iodine in animals. Our instincts shout that iodine must be involved; but we can’t say it out loud. Although iodine deficiency remains the number one cause of mental retardation in the world, we can’t prove it has a role in Alzheimer’s or ALS. No one has found a smoking gun. Continue reading →

President Amdahl?

I have formally announced that I will NOT be running for Republican nominee for President. Yet people keep asking me about it. Then they ask, “how about as Democratic nominee?” The answer is still no. My family comes first, and they could not stand the embarrassment. Shoot, they don’t like to watch me eat in public. I’d have to explain my summer camp, “Norskie-Head.” Plus, I’m pretty sure there’s a dress code, so I’d have to spend blood and treasure on new sneakers, maybe a second pair of jeans, probably a comb. They might make me live in D.C. whether I prefer to telecommute or not. They also have mandatory meetings, like with military guys and department guys and foreign guys.  I love my country, but not that much

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Bagpipe Singing

I like to play music, but I’m not crazy about performing for an audience. That’s just not the interesting aspect of music to me. My fascination has always been with the puzzle of playing the right chord on the guitar, and then adding some bass notes with my thumb, and finally imagining what other notes I might slip in without completely losing my place. Once, for example,  inspired by  Chet Atkins, I learned to play Yankee Doodle and Dixie at the same time. Whatever the idea, it is impossible at first and only becomes music after much repetition, and sometimes not even then. Singing a song while playing a complex guitar part and remembering all the words doesn’t leave much brainpower available for producing good vocal sounds. So I’ve never worried too much about that; improving my voice doesn’t intrigue me. I’m an adequate singer for most campfires. Continue reading →

Kenn on the radio

I’ll be interviewed this Saturday on “The Career Clinic” radio program from noon to one, talking about writing and self publishing as a career. The show airs on 45 stations around the country, including three in Colorado– 1580 AM in Colorado Springs; 1060AM in Longmont/Denver; and 610/AM in Vail
They have a list of stations on their website.
It’s also podcast at
The host is Maureen Anderson, author of the book “The Career Clinic.” In the book,  she devoted nearly as much space to my story as she gave Dave Barry. Clearly an enlightened woman.

Apologizing to Angelina

I understand that an apology is in order. Therefore:

I’m sorry. I am not now, nor have I ever been, Angelina Jolie. According to sources (who may or may not be named Robert Offer of Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern) it is inappropriate to impersonate a celebrity, the act of which  could do irreparable harm to his or her reputation and ability to earn a decent living, unless said “celebrity” is also considered a “public figure” which Ms Jolie clearly is not. I certainly had no intent to taint Ms Jolie’s ability to earn a decent living, and I sincerely hope she recovers from any financial crisis I may have caused her.

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What is a book?

We used to know what a book was. It was words on paper, bound together into a primitive manually-operated reading device. We easily comprehended the components: copyrightable content plus the delivery mechanism. These days, our simple definition blurs. Is a “book” merely the content? Or is an “e-book” also a thing in and of itself, just like the paper version it replaces? Is it  both the memory of the words and the ghost of the paper? What do I sell you when you buy my ebook? To paraphrase my own poem, does the poetry remain when the poem is removed?  Continue reading →