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Writing Characters and Candidates

To the casual observer, I was staring out the window. But, for writers, there’s a fine line between “loafing” and “research.” I was actually working very hard pondering how to improve some characters I created decades ago. That led me to think about how characters in a book or play are different from humans we meet in life, or from ourselves for that matter. Which led me briefly into politics, of course. Obviously, writing a blog about such a daydream is much easier than rewriting a novel, so here you go. Continue reading →

The Leader

The recent events in Libya reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago, so I dug it out. I think I wrote it when the ayatollahs came to power in Iran and they captured some Americans and paraded them through the streets blindfolded. But I’m not sure. It could have been about other leaders in other places and times. It may have been published first in a literary journal, in which case I should give credit to them, but I had a lot of poems published during this period (I submitted three a day, every day, for a long time) and I didn’t keep careful track. That’s one reason I haven’t released a book of my poems– it would require some work to give proper credit, and I’m not a big fan of work. Continue reading →

A Rewriting Tip

When I finished writing The Land of Debris and the Home of Alfredo, the world reacted with stunned indifference. No surge of cash flowed into my checking account, my phone did not ring with offers from TV show producers, no agents fought their way into my living room waving movie rights contracts in my face. The only evidence of the manuscript’s existence was a small but annoying pile of rejection letters in my desk drawer.

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Nice Joy Writing Review

I’ve been in Kansas for the last few days, which has been surreal in many ways. If I can come up with a way to describe it, I’ll do so.

Very kind (and well written!) review of Joy Writing waiting for me when I got home today. That was cool. In case you’re wondering, the other cover (the brownish one) is the newest one but the book’s text is identical. I’ve never met Patricia, but I hope to at some point:

Science Writers’ Group

Yesterday I attended a little get together for science writers in Boulder. I may not have paid close enough attention to the instructions, however. I remembered it was at one o’clock at a restaurant called the “brewing something.” Luckily, the address was memorable: 2525 Arapahoe. I googled it, the arrow pointed a  block or so east of famous McGuckin’s Hardware which I have frequented for decades. That made sense: McGuckin’s is on Folsom, which is the same as 24th Street. A block or so east of McGuckin’s there must be a new brew pub.  At 12:30  I left Broomfield and aimed for Boulder, leaving myself plenty of time to drop off my Timex for a battery replacement on the way. Continue reading →