Books by Kenn Amdahl- buying direct

NOTE:  This is an old page with links that mostly don’t work. I’ll eliminate it once it doesn’t show up so high in Google searches. I’ve corrected the important part– I no longer have a shopping cart, but you can still buy direct by using paypal.

I love bookstores, I love Amazon. But if you really want a signature by the author, including pretty much any lie you want, you can buy from me directly via paypal. The bookstores hate it if I undersell them, so I have to charge you full price, plus $4 shipping. Just send the appropriate payment to my email via PayPal to the email address below (without the extra spaces) and tell me whatever brief note you’d like me to add above my signature, if any.
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There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings $13.95

Algebra Unplugged, by Kenn Amdahl and Jim Loats, Ph.D $14.95

Calculus for Cats by Kenn Amdahl and Jim Loats, Ph.D $14.95

The Land of Debris and the Home of Alfredo, by Kenn Amdahl $14

Joy Writing: Discover and Develop Your Creative Voice by Kenn Amdahl $12.95

Jumper and the Bones. 12.95

Jumper and the Apple Crate.  $12.95

Revenge of the Pond Scum. $14