This is Kenn Amdahl’s official blog. All the others are cheap imitations.

Kenn Amdahl, working. Or perhaps napping. It's a fine line.

I write funny books on dull subjects and sad songs on funny subjects. I created Clearwater Publishing to publish the books in 1990. Amazingly, the books continue to sell. I’ve published several dozen poems in literary journals, and a few of my songs have made it onto the radio. By anyone’s yardstick, I’m a very obscure writer and an even more obscure musician. And a really, really obscure blogger. Therefore, I am delighted you stopped by. Thank you.

An alembic is an ancient type of still. It converts an ugly mash of worthless fermented grain into a lovely clear liquid that makes people seem smart and attractive; a drink that makes them want to sing loud, joyous songs, dance with abandon and fall in love with little provocation. Every writer wants to be an alembic.

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