Alabama Election

It would be a mistake to elect an Iranian ayatollah in America. Not because he looks different or because he’s Muslim, but because he believes that his religious beliefs supersede his obligation to the U.S. Constitution. America works because we all agree to obey a set of laws enacted under the Constitution, even when we disagree with some of those laws.

Protecting my religious freedom is the only way to ensure your own. I won’t force my steak on you, you don’t force your vegetarian diet on me. But some Muslim fanatics want to impose their extreme version of the Koran on everyone. They want Sharia law, or religion-based government. That disqualifies them from our democratic system. Whether their religious views are right or wrong isn’t the issue. That’s private. For America to work, we all must agree that, in law and politics, the Constitution is the final rule, not any religious book.

That’s why I believe Roy Moore is not qualified to be a Senator. He has shown by word and deed that he will make decisions based on his own religious views, not the Constitution.

It’s tempting to say, great, his views are the same as mine. But it’s too dangerous a precedent. If Christian views trump the Constitution now, our children may not even have the choice to be Christian. To preserve your own religious freedom, and your child’s, you need to elect someone who will honor mine.

Roy Moore is not that candidate.

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