Summer 2023

I’ve been preoccupied trying to finish a novel I’ve been fooling with for over 10 years. After a dozen rewrites and extensive fussing, this summer I ran out of steam for working on it and just published the darn thing. It’s a ghost story/time travel adventure set in the old (probably haunted) house of my childhood. Unlike most of my books, this one isn’t really funny, but I think it’s still a fun adventure.

By the time I hit the “publish” button, all the titles I’d used as working titles had been taken, so I settled on “The Manitou Bell.” It’s available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble, and independent bookstores by special order from Ingram Book, their main supplier.

With luck, my brain will now be available for other adventures, like working on the long-awaited book three in the Jumper series. Those are such a hoot to write, I look forward to taking my fountain pen out into the world, without wearing a mask, and playing with my old friend and alter ego Jumper. Hoping all the news stories will become happier and the world will move more fiercely in the direction of peace.